Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately not, as all our play dough is made to order you especially for you. We make all our dough in small batches and to order. 

Return to sender
If for some reason the parcel we have sent you gets sent back to us it is not our responsibility to send it back to you, nor does it warrant you for a refund. We will notify you with details regarding your package and send you an invoice for it to get couriered to you again. 

What is your play dough made of?
Our play dough is made up completely of edible ingredients, which can be found in your kitchen with a wide array of colours and scents that provides the perfect avenue for our little ones to explore with all of their senses.
We go to great lengths to make sure our kitchen and environment is nut free however we do use third party ingredients and we can not be held accountable for ingredients found in these products.
Please note, our play dough is not gluten free. So if your little one is gluten intolerant, even though the play dough is edible, we do not advise for them to eat it.

How long will your play dough last?
Your play dough will last up to 6 months provided it's played with regularly and properly stored in the jars provided.